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Delicious, indulgent Greek and Turkish yoghurts made from the milk of cows ‘right around the corner’

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Our yoghurts are made with five different cultures

Yante Creamery

Yante Creamery was founded in 2009 by René Eijssen and Theo Peeters. It is a very young company, but one with lots of experience in and a passion for dairy products. René is the son of a farming family that has been active in the dairy industry for more than 25 years. Many years ago, Turkish and Greek emigrants asked René to produce the type of yoghurt that they remembered from their homeland: delicious, thick and creamy Greek and Turkish yoghurt, each with its own unique flavour and texture. This resulted in the passion for producing delicious and special yoghurts of consistently high quality in a small modern factory. Theo has worked at various larger companies. Founding Yante Creamery gave René and Theo the opportunity to create something beautiful and valuable that people – and themselves – could be proud of.

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